All About Me

Family PhotoMy name is Chandra.  I am a mom of three wonderful kids, a wife to a supportive and patient husband.  I have a diploma in Journalism Arts, a degree in Nursing, and a Master of Education degree.  I have worked in media as a writer and publisher, as a pediatric nurse, as a nursing instructor, developer of health care related curriculum, eLearning designer, education consultant, manager in health care, as well as in private sector learning & development. In June of 2016 I left work and spent a year pulling from all those experiences and knowledge to work at the most important and most challenging job ever – homeschooling my youngest child.  While he is now back in a school environment and doing well, I continue to work at ways to support his learning, as well as his biomedical status through diet and lifestyle, so that his life experience is rich and fulfilling, and so that he is able to learn and learn to love to learn. This journey started with a desire to help my son, but has spilled over into clear benefits for my adolescent girls as well as my husband and I. Over time we have evolved our eating habits as a family in a quest for balance, health, energy and optimal well-being.

The more I learn, the more we adapt our household.  The name for this blog came from my assertion that much of the basis of the decisions we have made and continue to make for our family is on research plus intuition.  What I have discovered is that so much of our health is directly attributed to our gut.  What we eat and drink impacts every system in our body, and for most of us, what we eat can have a significant impact on how we function.  Between the link I believe exists between our gut and our health, as well as my desire to trust my intuition when making decisions for myself and my family, a ‘gut feeling’ theme for the blog seemed to fit.

Like our lifestyle has evolved, this blog is now evolving to more of a focus on food.  I am still learning myself, but the more I talk to people about the subject the more I hear that people want to eat for health but don’t know where to begin, or run out of ideas.  This blog isn’t ALL recipes that I have created.  Many of the foods I make were inspired by other bloggers.  This blog is more about ideas, and I hope that it inspires some of you to try new recipes and incorporate the idea of food as a pathway to wellness.


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